Davide Lopresti





Underwater Photography







My relationship with the water element has always been very intense and bound by a deep sense of respect towards the sea. I was born in Fezzano, a small town in the Ligure Riviera, in a fishermen's family, people who have lived the sea and live it seriously, teaching me to understand it and to interpret it I have to pass on my family the passion that leads me to put my head under Water every time it presents the opportunity

Photography, however, enters my life for a while, and by accident, I just know that since I took a camera in my hand I have not risen to separate, it was really love from the beginning, a way of communicating To others the beauties of our sea, a channel where everyone can see, through my eyes, what is hidden beneath the surface

Over the years, I have been fortunate to collaborate with the most important international diving companies, by publishing travel articles and reviews on the latest equipment available on the market; Collecting great successes in contests dedicated to underwater and naturalistic photography at world level and establishing collaborations with the biggest brands associated with the fotosub, today I feel lucky to be able to find so much satisfaction in my work and in what I do.