Photo Contest Rules

General provisions


The photo contest Diaframmichiusi Photography Awards is open to professional and amateur 

photographers. A participant can be excluded if the organization, in its discretion, deems the same 

does not conform to the rules and conditions of the competition.


Categories 2016

Photos must comply with the following themes / categories:


COLOUR: Abstract, Automotive, Beauty, Conceptual, Dynamism and movement, Fashion, Fine Art, 

Food, Music & Dance, Naked, Products / Toys, Still Life, Marriage, Science and Research, Other

BLACK AND WHITE: black and white

PEOPLE: Men, Women, Children, Human Relations, Portrait, Other photos that capture the image 

of a person or a small group of people, in which predominates the face and expression. Also photos 

acclimatized are considered as eligible as long as people in any case dominate the scene.

NATURE: Astrophotography, Environment, Flowers & Plants, Trees, Landscape, Macro, 

Mountain, Night Landscape, Seascapes and marine, Star Trail, Panoramic Photography, Aerial 

Photography, Other Photographs that include landscapes (non-urban) and image representations of 

nature. We want to show the power of nature and the impact of the natural elements of our world 

caused by a weather event like a storm, a magnificent sunset or the snow. Images of people or 

animals can be included, but on the condition that the main objective remains the impact caused by 

the natural elements. Images that portray the characteristic elements of an area are accepted, 

including the flora and abstract elements such as weather and light conditions.

TRAVEL: Culture, Daily Life, Documentary & Photojournalism, Street Photography, Travel 

Adventures & Memoirs, Photos of people in their daily lives. Photos showing landmarks and rural, 

urban environments can also be included.

STORYBOARDS: sequences of images (min. 5 max 10) that tell a story. A section where you can 

propose a series of photos with a free theme: thematic portfolios, photojournalism and storyboard 

(sequences of images that tell a story of nature, wildlife, ethology, natural environments and land, 

etc ...). The photographer is free to choose the topic, the style, the setting and the subjects he 

prefers. The section requires five or more images linked together by a logical sequence. The project 

must be developed through a minimum of 5 images and a maximum of 10. Photos can be taken in 

sequence or at different times, as long as they are strictly linked.



Start date of the competition: March 1, 2016

Closing date: 8 May 2016 24:00

Vote of the jury: from 09 May to 15 May 2016

Communication finalist photos: May 15, 2016

Submitting print files in high definition: from May 16 to May 22, 2016

Will be announced on: May 23 to May 29, 2016

Exhibition opening: June 2, 2016

Awards Ceremony: June 4, 2016


Fees and conditions 

Follow the instructions on the website, when filling out the registration form. Payment will be 

made according to the amounts indicated below. If the fee is not paid, no photos will be accepted. 

Photos can be distributed amongst the categories

- € 10.00: 1 to 3 images

- € 15.00: 4 to 10 images

- € 20.00: 11 to 20 images

- Section Storyboard: € 25,00 for each storyboard


Methods of payment:

- PayPal to (recommended method)

- Bank transfer to Cinefotoclub flashed, IBAN: IT 70 P 08489 71852 000000 368779, Banca 

Valdichiana - Ag. Di Chiusi (SI).



The over winner will be named: the winner photographer Diaframmi Chiusi Photography Awards 

2016. He will recived a voucher of 500 Euro to be spent on the main international on-line shops 

(Amazon, Prixmania exc). Also a one night stain in Chiusi, during the festival. The first three in each 

cathegory will be named winners. Their work will be on show at the festival.

The jury's decision is final. The jury reserves the right to award special prizes and the right to 

withhold any recognition if the quality of the submitted photos is not satisfactory. The prizes must 

be collected in person by the winner at the awards ceremony or a person delegated by him in 

writing. Otherwise they will be sent home, by courier or by mail, at the recipient's expense.


Photo submission

All works should be sent via the Internet. The images not sent through our registration page will 

not be concidered. An image can not be inserted into more than one section, but a photo inserted 

in the category Storyboard can also be used to participate as a single image to one of the other 

sections. The photos, which will be loaded into a single .zip file must be in JPG format with sRGB 

color profile. The size of each individual image file should not exceed 2MB. The dimensions of the 

photos must be of a maximum of 1920 pixels wide by the longer side (either vertical or horizontal). 

Works entirely created by computer, photomontages, photos with signatures or watermarks, will 

not be accepted. The .zip file must have the name and surname of the participant (eg. 

Mario.rossi). The images contained in the compressed file, can be renamed them to the 

participant's pleasure. Please do not use illegal characters such as? / \:? * "<> | '#


The jury

The jury is made up of photographers, editors, publishers and other experts on the photographic 

image. Participants will be judged for each category. Sponsors are not included in the jury. The 

jury will evaluate the shots for visual impact, composition, originality, technique, creativity, ability 

to communicate a message, a feeling or an emotion. All entries will be judged online. The best 

photos will go to the final. The number of finalists will vary from category to category,  depending 

on the quality of the works received. 

All participants will receive by e-mail a fact shiit containing the outcome of the contest. The results 

will also be published on the Festival website.


Copyright and Diffusion

Each participant holds the copyright of the submitted images. The participant certifies the work as 

their own. The participant consents to the disclosure of the material, which can be usedfor free for 

promotional purposes related to the contest, on our website andour social network, even in 

different size. Unless otherwise specified by the entrant on the entry form. The winning photos 

will be made available to the press who wish to give notice of the results of the competition. 

Before use of the images will always have the name of the author. No images will be offered for 

sale or used by any sponsor for any commercial purpose or otherwise except that for the 

promotion of the Festival. Each author is personally responsible for the subject matter of the 

works presented. The participating photographs will be published on the Festival website


Digital image manipulation

Digital control to optimize the image is permitted. It is not permitted to add or remove key elements 

from the composition. The judges will have the right to reject any image that has been, at their sole 

discretion, overly retouched, at the expense of the integrity of the original image.


Group exhibition

The works of the three winners in each category will be shown at the Festival to be held from 2 of 

June to 5 2016. Some photos in the competition will also be selected for impromptu exhibitions in 

Italy and abroad. At the end of the manifestation photos will be sald at a public auction. The 

proceds will go to a solidariety charity project.


By compiling, the form the author agrees to the Decree No. 196/2003 (Privacy) and modification.

The registration of a participant implies the acceptance of all rules and conditions.

A participant can be excluded from the organization if the same does not conform to the rules and 

conditions of the competition.